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Dear user, you are kindly advised to read the terms and conditions in this document properly before using the website of our company “Asiacell Telecommunications Company” (“the company” or “Asiacell.”

Asiacell welcomes the users of this website, which is a gateway to the information provided by the company to its subscribers and other individuals. Dear user, by using this website you accept the terms and conditions listed in this document. In case you don’t accept the terms and conditions listed in this document, you must stop using the website and sign out.

Dear user, we would like to inform you that failing to abide by the content of this document will give Asiacell the right to block you from using the site or take any other necessary measures. Asiacell has the right to change the content of this document and the amendments will be effective as soon as they are published on the site. Therefore, we ask all users to read this document every once in a while to be informed of any update in the terms and conditions. The user acknowledges that they will follow and abide by the content of the latest version of this document at all times.

Information: The information shared on Asiacell’s website is solely informational, unless otherwise stated. This information includes details about Asiacell services, its press statements, news published in the local press, quarterly and annual reports of the company, products, services, promotions, etc… Asiacell will strive to provide all the information in time, without any delay and with as much precision as possible.

Some errors may arise and some information may inadvertently be forgotten despite the company’s efforts to publish the information correctly and accurately. The company shall correct any error upon detection. Therefore, the company is not required in any way to compensate any damage or loss directly or indirectly resulting from any information published on the website, regardless if the information is false or published by inadvertence. All the information published on the website is general and not adapted to the private situations or settings of individuals or entities. The information is not comprehensive, complete nor accurate; and does not include the latest updates and amendments. The information is sometimes linked to external websites, outside of Asiacell’s control. Therefore, Asiacell is not responsible and is free from any engagement regarding this information. The information on the website concerning the products, services and promotions may change without prior notice.

Entering the website: The user agrees that they will not be able to visit sections of the website in case their computer does not have the required technology. Visiting the website is free of charge at the moment; however, Asiacell has the right to charge for the use of particular sections of the website at any moment. In this case, users will be notified of the charges required to visit these sections of the website before applying the fees. Special conditions may apply for the use of the paid services.

Questionnaires on the site: The polls and questionnaires that the company performs on its website allow the company to gather specific information about the uses of the website and the company’s services and aim at upgrading the quality of its services, which would reflect positively on the subscribers. We remind you that sharing your name and your personal information is optional.

Disclosing the information: Asiacell always strives to preserve the privacy and the private information of its subscribers. Such information might be shared only if the company is legally requested to do so, or if the company considers that it is necessary, or if this is required to abide by the law, or to protect or defend the rights or private properties of the company or the website or its users.

Prices of products and services: Asiacell has the right to change or modify the prices and/or conditions specific to the products or services on this site without prior notice. Asiacell has the right to amend, cancel and modify any service or promotion or any clause in these terms without notifying the user(s). In case the amendments might negatively affect the users, Asiacell shall notify the users prior to applying the changes and the users shall have the freedom to choose between continuing to use the service or subscribing to another.

Financial information: The financial information published on this website is to be solely used for the sake of information. The financial information is only valid at the moment of its publishing on the website. Asiacell has no obligation to update or modify or create such information, even if the financial information was changed after it was published on this website.

Users of the website cannot take any decision regarding Asiacell’s shares based on the financial information published on the website. Asiacell’s shareholders or any third party should consider the value of the shares published on the website as solely informational. Asiacell shall not be held responsible for any decision taken by a shareholder or a third party regarding the value of Asiacell’s shares, regardless of whether the decision was built on the information presented on the website or elsewhere. We advise our users to use our accurate information, which is constantly updated and published on the official website of the Iraq Stock Market, at their own responsibility.

Intellectual property: Asiacell is the sole owner of all the copyrights and other intellectual rights (trademarks, patents, etc…) of all the elements presented on the website. All elements on the website are legally protected by the copyright law. It is prohibited to copy any element from this website or distribute it for any purpose without the prior written consent from the persons in charge at Asiacell.

Link to the site: Any external website can have a link to the site under the condition that Asiacell receives a former notice and does not object to the matter. Asiacell is not required to justify the reason behind its refusal to be connected to a particular website. In case you are willing to link our website to yours, please do contact us in advance. In all cases, we will only accept links to homepages.

Use of the website: Using the website is free at the moment; however, Asiacell has the right to charge for the use of specific sections of the website at a later stage. In this case, users will be notified in advance. Using these sections on the site might require applying special terms and conditions for the payment operation related to Asiacell’s services.

Links to other sites: Links to other websites might be present on the site for informational use only. Asiacell is not responsible for the content of other sites, and the presence of links does not mean that the content of these sites is approved, or that Asiacell has checked, read or investigated the content of these sites.

The internet network: Asiacell shall not control, administer, or refuse any content that may be accessed through the internet.

The user shall be the sole responsible for using the internet; for entering any website or content; for buying, selling or exchanging their email; and for using personal data or illegal content. The user is fully aware that some websites display content that may be unacceptable. The user is also fully aware that the internet is not a safe place and some downloads and programs may affect their device and the user’s programs. Asiacell does not give any guarantees regarding the files and programs available on the internet, and is not responsible in particular of any virus, computer worms or Trojan horses that may be present on the internet and which may affect the user’s device. Therefore, the user is the sole responsible for guaranteeing a safe use of the internet and must be aware of the necessity to take necessary safety measures such as installing firewalls, antiviruses or specific software; and using backups, etc…

The user is fully aware that Asiacell is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses, or any damage or failure that may occur resulting from their use of the internet; or after downloading programs, or transferring data, or other procedures that the user may do while using the internet.

Asiacell does not guarantee that using the internet will be permanent and without errors, damage or failure.

Natural disasters or events beyond the control of Asiacell: Asiacell shall not be held responsible for any deficiency in its services, and the property rights in particular, in the case of events that are beyond its control, which include - but are not limited to - force majeure, any action taken by a third party or any other event beyond the control of Asiacell.

Legislation applied: This website is ruled by the Iraqi law.

Courts: In case of a dispute, the competent Iraqi authorities shall have the exclusive competence to look into the disputes as per the laws and related instructions.

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