Our world is rapidly being transformed by the widespread and growing availability of data connections, and the 40-million-population Iraq is not an exception but an active catalyst in the world today. Asiacell is leading the change with our nationwide fast, reliable, and secure 4G+ data speed coupled with our award-winning coverage serving more than 17 million customers at 21000 points of sales and outlets throughout the country thanks to our extended advanced network of 7200 LTE sites.

As much as we depend on mobile connectivity today, is only the beginning. The essence of Asiacell’s vision is “Enriching People’s Digital Lives”; therefore, we are strengthening our network to enable everything from smarter homes and cities to high-quality remote healthcare, augmented and virtual reality, sophisticated gaming, and sophisticated new business collaboration solutions. The prepaid line offers include tailored packages to suit different sectors of the market, particularly the youth and women, and innovative services targeting millions of visitors to Iraq every year. Asiacell also provides post-paid services to companies and individuals.

Asiacell is also the market’s value share leader, which proves the trust and confidence of high-end for individuals and corporate segment customers. Society’s need for connection is ever-growing – delivering those connections is in Asiacell’s DNA. Asiacell has been carrying the flame as the leader in connecting people and businesses. We are confident we have the resources, focus, expertise, and people to help us always remain Iraq’s Best Mobile Network Operator.

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