Machine To Machine (M2M) Shared Data Packages


M2M Shared packages provide customers with the option to link large number of SIM cards to one M2M data package, where the total Data Access Capacity is shared amongst all SIM cards that are linked to the M2M data package.

Now customers can make the best benefit of their data package by utilizing the usage of their package,

M2M data packages can be used for fleet management services & ATM Bank machines which are using GSM SIM cards.

How can fleet management or ATM machine customers benefit from the M2M packages?

Customers who are using GPS tracking devices to track their company cars, buses or trucks; install a GSM Data SIM card in their GPS tracking devices, so if these data SIM cards supported by our M2M solution; One M2M data package will be shared among all these data SIM cards so whenever a car is moving or being used, the data package will be consumed from this moving SIM card, while the other SIM cards which are installed in parked cars will not consume any data (if the user configure the devices to send location update while moving only)

M2M solution is cost effective solution as If this solution is not applied; the customer will have to subscribe in separate data package for each SIM card and will have to pay the monthly data fee for each SIM card regardless it was used or not.

M2M packages & Price plans:

Package no.

Data Package (MB)

Price / month (IQD)

Price / MB (IQD)





















Terms and conditions apply


  • Is the data package prorated?

    Yes, M2M data packages are prorated where both billing and data are prorated.

  • Is there is a carryover / accumulation for the data packages?

    No, the M2M data packages are not carried over; meaning if customer did not consume all his data package by end of the month, his data will be reset and the remaining data will not be accumulated for the following month.

  • Is the data package prorated?

    Customers can subscriber either from Asiacell shops or by contacting corporate sales Customers should chose one of the available M2M data packages based on number of SIM cards needed for their business and data traffic, and then provide Asaicell data only SIM cards MISDNs or request to buy Asiacell data only SIM cards. If customer wants to use the M2M service for fleet management business or ATM business, then Customer should provide his server’s Static IP address

  • What kind of SIM cards can be used for M2M data packages?

    Postpaid Data only SIM cards, no voice calls are allowed

  • Can customer add or remove any number of SIM cards to / from his M2M data packages?

    Yes, customer can add or remove any number of SIM cards to / from his M2M data packages but within the range of the used data package by visiting Asiacell Shop or contacting corporate sales or by calling CC.

  • What is the payment method?

    Monthly Bill

  • What if customer is using the SIM cards outside Iraq?

    Normal data roaming charges applies.

  • Can the SIM card send or receive SMS?

    Yes SIM card should be able to send or receive SMS as some applications / devices need to communicate via SMS in case there is no GPRS coverage or to configure the devices remotely.

  • Are there any documents required for the service subscription?

    Customers are required to present the following documents when applying for the service:
    1. Filling in Service subscription form / Sales print out the BOSS provisioning page and sign it by the customer.
    2. A copy of a valid Trade License.
    3. A photocopy of the owner’s or local sponsor’s passport.
    4. A copy of a power of attorney with a specimen signature and a photocopy of the passport of the authorized signatory

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