Asiacell, which always strives to provide support for small projects, offers a new innovative service to the owners of these projects. Whether you are a shop owner, cafeteria, restaurant...etc, now you can control the lines of your employees and assistants and grow your business with I-Control service and the great advantages it provides.


- Easily distribute the package to your employees and assistants through “Asiacell Business” mobile application.

- Unlimited calls within the account lines.

- Minutes for calls and SMS to all networks and Internet as well.

- Business Ring Back Tone service that let businesses advertise for their products with every incoming call to their I-Control lines as well as customize it according to their business requirements.

Terms and conditions apply

Lines and packages:

This service provides 2-10 lines and 5 packages for you to choose what suits your needs.

Package prices: 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, 80,000 and 100,000 IQD.

For use in all Iraq governorates:

Package components






I-Control 2

I-Control 4

I-Control 6

I-Control 8

I-Control 10

Number of Maximum Connections






Monthly Fee IQD






Minutes All Net {On-Net & Off-Net}






Mobile Internet - GB






SMS All Net






CUG minutes






Package features

  • Customers can use less line than the maximum allowed limit and upon request.
  • The maximum number includes the main line.
  • Customers need to request their package type when they are activating their package and they can change it from the following month.
  • The package is activated for the main line only and it can be used from all lines in the account and according to the control of the main line subscriber through “Asiacell Business” mobile application.
  • I-Control packages cannot be used when roaming.
  • The bundle is valid for 30 days "from the day of subscription/renewal".

To get this service:

Visit one of Asiacell shops or send a message to: or call 323.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1. What is SOHO I-Control Business Line?

It is a new prepaid line from Asiacell dedicated to people with small businesses for all of Iraq. It gives the business owner the opportunity to subscribe to the I-Control business package that can be distributed free of charge within the business account lines by using the “Asiacell Business” mobile application, and the package subscriber line will be the main line responsible for distributing the units of the package to the rest of the lines subs.

Q2. What are the most important features of the new line?

The new line gives the business owner the opportunity to subscribe to one of SOHO I-Control's five distinct monthly packages, which gives subscribers a bundle of minutes and messages to all networks with business ringtone service and Internet data connectivity according to the required package size, with adherence to the number of secondary lines allowed for each package.

Q3. Where can customers get I-Control Business line?

The new Asiacell line ”I-Control” can be purchased at all main Asiacell shops, as well as through the dedicated SOHO business sales team where the subscriber must submit the supporting documents required to practice the business to open a new business account with Asiacell.

Q4. How I-Control bundle units can be distributed to the rest of the SOHO account lines?

The I-Control main line subscriber must use the “Asiacell Business” mobile application, which can be downloaded from the Google or Apple store, depending on the type of the subscriber's device to distribute the needed units after determining the amount or volume of the units required for each line within the account. It is also possible to determine the volume of use periodically for the coming months.

Q5. What are the tasks that can be done in “Asiacell Business” mobile application?

  • Know the type and name of I-Control bundle, the units available for the main line, and the validity of the bundle.
  • Know the total number of "secondary" lines and their numbers used.
  • Label secondary lines with the names of the people who use them.
  • Set and determine the secondary lines available bundle units for the "current month".
  • Set and determine the secondary lines’ available bundle units after renewing the bundle "next month".
  • Display the used I-Control bundle units for the secondary lines immediately when they are used.
  • Display I-Control bundle available units for the main I-Control line and the units used.
  • In the event that one of the secondary lines has bundle units that are not required, the main I-Control subscriber can redistribute them to the line that needs them.
  • Set and specify the language of “Asiacell Business” mobile application.
  • Know and agree to the terms and conditions of “Asiacell Business” mobile Application
  • Change and set the units of the bundle available for the next month if necessary before the time of its implementation

Q6. Can the subscriber increase or decrease the size of the available bundle?

Yes, but it will be done from the following month by submitting a request to SOHO B2B sales team.

Q7. What is the Business Melody Service (CRBT)?

When activating I-Control lines, the subscriber can submit the file of the ringtone that those calling his business lines want to hear instead of hearing the usual waiting ringtone until the call is answered. This optional service is provided free of charge to all I-Control lines with every activation, but after that, in the event of a request to change the ringtone file for the lines, the subscriber will have to pay an extra amount of 2,000 IQD as the ringtone change fee in cash.

Q8. Is it necessary to activate the Asiacell Melody service by the subscriber directly in the event of a request to activate the Business Melody Ringtone service (CRBT)?

No, the free Melody business service will be activated by the business support team, where if the subscriber subscribes to the Melody service directly by sending number 1 as a message to the short code 300, he will subscribe to the Melody service dedicated to non-businesses, and 1,000 IQD will be deducted every month after the end of the three-day free period of use.

Q9. Are I-Control bundles automatically renewed?

Yes, if there is sufficient balance and in case the balance is not available, the bundle will be suspended until the balance is available to automatically resume.

Q10. What are the specifications of the supported business melody file for I-Control lines when it is been submitted by the customer?

It is possible to use a Mono-channel “wave” audio file of the type “u-Law” with Bitrate: 64 Kbps at a frequency Sample Rate of 8,000 Hz and Sample Size: 8 bits for a duration of less than forty seconds.

For validation, the required file can be sent by e-mail To:

Q11. What happens if the units of the I-Control bundle are exhausted and the subscriber makes a call?

The fee of local calls and messages will be deducted according to the line tariff from the line balance as follows:

The tariff for local voice calls with Asiacell network: 2.0 IQD per second and for other networks: 4.0 IQD per second

Q12. Can the main line I-Control bundle subscriber know the size of the units used by each secondary line in their account?

Yes, by using his “Asiacell Business” mobile application and check each line usage.

Q13. Is it possible to transfer the units of I-Control bundle to other Asiacell non I-Control lines?

No, I-Control bundle unused units can only be transferred by the main line I-Control user within the I-Control business account lines.

Q14. Is it possible to know the remaining I-Control bundle units for each line?

Yes, using the USSD system *133#, where the subscriber will receive a message indicating each remaining unit amount they got.

Q15. Is it possible to subscribe to I-Control bundle more than once?

No, the bundle is available for a one-time subscription and is renewed every 30 days.

Q16. Can the main I-Control bundle subscriber use “Asiacell Business” mobile application in case of changing the type of their line?

Asiacell Business” mobile application can be accessed only by customers with I-Control main lines and if any customer changes their line type, then they will not be able to access this application and do any bundle distribution.

Q17. Can the unused I-Control bundle units be carried over to the next month after the renewal of the bundle?

No, when the bundle expires, all the remaining units of the bundle will be deleted.

Q18. What is the offered line validity time-period granted when recharging the main I-Control line with one of the recharge categories below?

The validity of the initial main I-Control line is 45 days, and if the subscriber makes any recharge, then a new validity be granted to the main line according to the table below:


Recharge amount (IQD)

Validity (Days)




























Q19. Can I-Control subscriber change the number of lines they use in their account by adding or deleting one of the activated lines?

Yes, this is possible by submitting a request to SOHO sales team, subject to the maximum allowed lines limit for each I-Control bundle.

Q20. Is it possible to transfer the lines of consumer subscribers to I-Control lines?

No, consumer subscribers' lines cannot be transferred to I-Control lines, as I-Control lines are for new subscribers' lines only.

Q21. How to activate I-Control lines for small businesses?

I-Control lines can be activated by using Asiacell application for electronic registration and entering the subscriber’s data by the business sales team, and then sending the activation request to the B2B sales support team, mentioning the following:

  • The main account line number for which the I-Control package will be activated.
  • The Name of I-Control package required.
  • The total Number of lines and their numbers to be activated.
  • The type of package required.
  • In the event of a request to activate the business melody service, customer needs to submit the file to be activated for the lines in the CRBT system.
  • Customer business supporting document by which Asiacell B2B operation support team can open the business account.

Q22. How can I-Control subscriber pay the monthly subscription fee for the bundle?

The main line subscriber can pay the monthly subscription fee for the bundle by charging their line with sufficient balance according to what is currently being in force in Asiacell before the bundle subscription or renewal date.

Q23. What is the price of I-Control line SIM Card?

I-Control line SIM Card is provided free of charge when activating the subscriber's business account, subject to the number of lines available for each bundle size.

Q24. Can I-Control secondary line subscribers subscribe to other Asiacell bundles?

Yes they can, but I-Control bundle units will have higher usage priority i.e. they will be used first.

Q25. Will the lines get suspended if the I-Control bundle for the main line is not renewed?

No, all lines will remain active, but the subscriber will not be able to use the units of the I-Control bundle, as they will be able to use the units of the other bundles if available, or the usage will be deducted as PAYG from the line balance.

Q26. Will the secondary subscriber be notified after their I-Control available bundle units are changed?

The subscriber will be notified by SMS upon each change of available bundle units for their line and in detail for both cases; the immediate type and for the next month type.

Q27. Will the subscriber be notified of I-Control bundle renewal date?

Yes, the subscriber will receive an SMS two days before the bundle renewal date.

Q28. Will subscribers be notified if one of the I-Control bundle components is exhausted?

Yes, the main subscriber will be notified by an SMS when the "call minutes, messages and data" are exhausted.

Q29. Can the main I-Control subscriber reduce the size of their I-Control bundle?

Yes, it can be requested through Asiacell SOHO sales team, but if they use more secondary lines than the allowed limit for the new bundle, they must request as well to deactivate one of their secondary lines.

Q30. Can I-Control bundles main line subscribers subscribe to the rest of the available bundles from Asiacell?

Yes, but the first usage priority will be for I-Control bundle units.

Q31. Can I-Control subscribers transfer credit to or from other Asiacell lines?

Yes, Asiacell balance transfer service is available for I-Control lines and it follows the same service terms as for prepaid lines.

Q32. What are the specifications of the devices that can be used with “Asiacell Business” mobile application?

Asiacell Business” application can be used with both types of mobile systems (Android as well as Apple), where the subscriber can download the application if the store supports the device used.

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