Use your bundle units at your convenience.

For the first time in Iraq, Asiacell launches Business Flex bundles to provide more flexibility in communication via calls, SMS and Internet data to allow companies to manage their needs with more freedom and efficiency. It will also allow corporates subscribers to select one of the bundles according to each member’s needs, that is why this service can be their first choice. To subscribe, send bundle code to 377 or via Asiacell mobile application.

BUNDLE Business Flex 10
Valid for 30 Days
10,000 IQD
BUNDLE Business Flex 15
Valid for 30 Days
15,000 IQD
BUNDLE Business Flex 25
Valid for 30 Days
25,000 IQD
BUNDLE Business Flex 35
Valid for 30 Days
35,000 IQD

Bundle features:

  1. You can choose the bundle size that fulfils your monthly needs and you can change it when needed.
  2. The subscription renews automatically, you can also cancel automatic renewal whenever you want.
  3. Upon subscription, the components of each bundle are set to be used for calls, SMS and Internet data {default setting}.
  4. The subscription is available for existing and new business lines (Control Super) and Data Lines for Corporates via Asiacell mobile application or by sending the subscription code to 377 by SMS.
  5. Subscribers can change the bundle usage type at any time and when needed, by sending the setting code to 377 by SMS.
  6. Upon bundle renewal, CUG minutes are granted, in addition to the available bundle Flexes.
  7. Subscribers can check the remaining bundle flexes by dialing *133#, they will receive an SMS with full details. They will also receive an SMS notification when the bundle flexes are depleted.
  8. Customers can benefit from the Business Support Team when they have inquiries:

Terms and conditions apply

Bundle name

Business Flex 10

Business Flex 15

Business Flex 25

Business Flex 35

Monthly Fee/IQD





Bundle Flexes





CUG Call Minutes





Bundle Subscription Code





Flex Exchange rates:

Usage Type

Price in Flexes

Local calls

2 Flexes/sec to all networks

Local SMS

70 Flexes/SMS

Internet Data

1 Flex/0.25Mb

International Calls

3000 Flexes/minute

International SMS

300 Flexes/SMS

The subscriber can specify the components of each bundle to be used by sending the required special code to 377 as per the table below:


Components of the bundle


Allows all types of usage; local calls, SMS, Internet, and International calls


Allows local calls, SMS, Internet, excluding international calls only.


Allows local calls, SMS, excluding internet and international calls.


Allows local calls and Internet, excluding SMS and international calls.


Allows local calls only, excluding SMS, Internet and international calls.


Allows international and local calls only, excluding SMS and Internet.

  • The subscriber can set and specify the bundle component types more than once as long as the bundle is active, or they can get help from the Business Support Team to specify the purpose of the bundles at activating time.


  • Which lines are eligible for this new offer?

The existing and new lines of Control Super, and Internet Lines for Corporates are eligible.

  • In case of subscribing to Speed Bundles and Business Flex Bundles, which one will be active for using?

Business Flex bundles have the priority, the subscriber can exclude internet from the Business Flex bundle by sending 12 to 377.

  • Does the subscriber have to specify the type of bundle usage again when canceling the old bundle and re-subscribing?

Yes, upon canceling the bundle, the usage plan will reset and the subscriber will have to specify the usage type of the new bundle.

  • Will the subscriber be notified before renewal?

Yes, the subscriber will be notified about the renewal 2 days upfront.

  • Will the subscriber be notified if they try to subscribe to a Flex bundle while they already have an active subscription?

Yes, the subscriber will be notified by SMS in case of having active subscription to a Flex bundle since they cannot subscribe twice.

  • If the subscriber makes calls between the business lines CUG, will they be charged with bundle Flexes?

No, it will be deducted from the available CUG minutes they are eligible to use between the business lines.

  • Which one has the priority to use between Flex bundles and unlimited weekly internet?

Flex bundle has the highest priority but flex customers can select the needed bundle according to the type of control setting of the Flex package. So if the internet is allowed, the bundle’s flexes will be used, and if the internet is blocked, the weekly unlimited internet bundle will be used.

  • Does one have to have enough flexes to send SMS or make international calls?

Yes, sufficient amount of flexes should be available to make the calls, otherwise, the subscriber will be notified about the insufficient amount of flexes to make the call or deduct the fee from the line balance.

  • Can one activate Flex bundles via Asiacell mobile application {ODP}?

Yes, the subscriber can benefit from Asiacell mobile application {ODP} and subscribe to the bundles.

  • When will the subscriber be notified about the depletion of flexes during using internet?

Subscribers will receive an SMS notification when their remaining flexes get depleted. They will also be allowed to subscribe to another bundle using the main balance to continue enjoying the internet.

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