For the ­first time in Iraq, Asiacell presents to all Government, bank and well-known companies the best way to efficiently manage advertising messages campaigns from their off­ices and communicate with their clients regardless of their number or geographic distribution in Iraq with minimal cost and high efficiency.

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Constantly update your customers about your company’s new products, services and promotions by using the “Message Manager” service from Asiacell.

This service provides an easy and fast way to stay in touch with your customers, while keeping them updated with the latest products, services and offers.

This service will allow both consumer & business customers to send SMS & MMS right from their desk top “PC” or from their smart phones, and manage their bulk campaign without getting back to Asiacell.

"Message Manager" service offers companies and institutions the following features:

  1. The ability to set and operate the system and manage SMS advertising campaigns from the company’s premises.
  2. This service is available for both prepaid and postpaid dedicated lines
  3. Reduced monthly fees on advertising campaigns
  4. The best solution for upgrading banks, business and embassies’ work.
    1. Message Manager can be connected to Company server and data base via API “Application Programmable Interface” and SMSs will be sent automatically to your clients based on your server’s data base and transactions.
    2. “Example: Bank clients will automatically receive SMS notifications on their mobiles from their Bank whenever there was a transaction on their Bank account such as cash deposit, cash withdraw, Visa card usage etc.
  5. Different packages with special prices.
  6. Reports about your advertising campaign.
  7.  Technical support team to install the system and train the employees who will be supervising it.

For more information on this service, contact the Corporate Customer center for free on 323 or call +964-7720044-323 for non Asiacell subscribers.

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