Corporate Hybrid:

For the first time in Iraq, we bring you “Corporate Hybrid” as part of Business Line

Customer can choose from the available packages below for Hybrid and pay the deposit:

Rate Plan

Business Mix IUC/CUC 10

Business Mix IUC/CUC 15

Business Mix IUC/CUC 20

Business Mix IUC/CUC 35

Business Mix IUC/CUC 50

Business Mix IUC/CUC 90

Business Mix IUC/CUC 200

 Monthly fee
























Local on net minutes








 Local all net Min








 Local SMS








 Mobile Internet

250 MB

1 GB

2 GB

3.5 GB

5 GB

10 GB

20 GB

 International Min








  • CUG Fair Usage Policy applies of 3500 minutes per month
  • IUC -Individual Under Corporate. The amount will be covered by employee account -Individual bill
  • CUC The amount will be covered by the company -One Bill per account.
  • Customer line will be activated from Asiacell Support team. Hence, there is no need to make the first call.

  1. How can customers pay their bill from the prepaid account?

CUC customers are not allowed to make bill payment from the prepaid account.

  1. How can customers get this offer?

Customers can subscribe to the package bundle through the Corporate Sales.

  1. Can the Customer upgrade or downgrade their package bundle in CUC Model?

Yes, customers can request to do that anytime, but it will be implemented on the edge of bill cycle after adding the difference of the two bundles to the deposit, in case of downgrade the difference will be kept as a deposit.

  1. From where the monthly fee will be charged?

The line monthly fee will be charged from the postpaid account.

  1. When is the business Mix Package renewed? Are there any prorated amounts?

The package will be renewed at every bill cycle day; after the 27th of each month. The first month is prorated for bundle free units and monthly fee.

  1. How can I activate the line for the first time?

The line will be activated automatically, no need for customer to make his 1st call to activate the line.

  1. Is there any Business Mix bundle carry over?

No, there is no any carry over as the bundle will be reset every 27th of the month.

  1. What are prices for the Out of Bundle (Prepaid account)?

The Out of Bundle prices will be as follows for all the local networks:

SMS: 40 IQD.

Data: 6 IQD/10 Kb.

Voice: 2 IQD/ sec.

  1. Can the customer use the Roaming service?

Yes. Customers can use the Roaming service from their prepaid accounts, so if there is not sufficient balance in their prepaid accounts, they will not be able to do any Roaming traffic.

  1. What is the advance payment of the Business Mix?

When the customer downgrades from a higher package to a lower one, the difference will be used as an advance payment.

  1. What happens if customers use their prepaid accounts upon recharge?

If customers chose their prepaid account, then they should be able to recharge their prepaid account balance.

  1. What happens if the line is suspended?

Both accounts (prepaid and postpaid) will be suspended.

  1. Can customers request to add the Call Forwarding service to their hybrid line?

Yes, they can and our back-office team needs to activate the Call Forwarding service from the CX interface.

The forwarded call will be charged from the prepaid account.

  1. What will happen when the Bundle free units are consumed?

Subscribers will be allowed to use any service ONLY from the prepaid account. Free units of the postpaid account will be consumed first, then subscribers will start consuming from their prepaid account, if there is sufficient balance.

  1. Is the package renewed automatically or manually?

The package free units will be renewed on 27th of each month.

  1. Can customers transfer balance from prepaid subscriber to Hybrid Line prepaid account and vice versa?

Yes, they can do balance transfer if they are eligible to do so.

  1. Can Business Mix customers make balance transfer from their prepaid accounts to any other prepaid subscriber?

BALANCE TRANSFER will be acceptable from prepaid account to any other prepaid subscriber. It will follow the same existing rules of balance transfer between prepaid subscribers.

  1. From where is the monthly fee charged?

The package monthly fees will be charged from the postpaid account. So the bill amount will be equal to the package monthly fee + VAT

  1. Can customers receive their bills through their emails?

Yes, they can receive their bills via Emails, if customers have valid email addresses.

  1. Will Customers receive their bill as a summary or details or both?

Each customer can have the summary and itemized bills upon request.

  1. When is the bill cycle of the Business Mix?

New bill cycle will take place on 27th of every month.

  1. Will the calls of the prepaid account show in the bills?

The Prepaid calls will not be displayed in the Hybrid Line bill.

  1. How can customers pay when their lines are in OG-Bar or suspend or deactivated status?

Through Asiacell shops.

  1. If the line is in barred status? How can customers pay their bills?

The only way to pay their bills is through Asiacell shops.

  1. How can customers recharge prepaid accounts by valid vouchers?

Through the USSD short code *244# then 2.

  1. How can customers recharge their postpaid account by valid vouchers?

CUC customer are not allowed to do so.

  1. How can customers inquire about their postpaid account package?

By USSD short code *294*1#

  1. How can customers inquire about the prepaid balance?

By USSD short code *294*2#

  1. If customers recharge from the shop, what should they ask?

Customers can request the sales agent to refill their prepaid balance.

  1. When is the Hybrid line set to the barred status?

The line will be barred 3 weeks after generating the bill (in case of non-payment)

  1. What is the balance inquiry method?

For Postpaid lines by dialing *294*1# then Call

For Prepaid by lines *294*2# then Call

  1. Can customers activate 2 packages in the same time?

No, only one Business Mix package can be activated at a time.

  1. If customers consumed their bundle; will their out-of-bundle usage be from their prepaid account or from their remaining deposit?

All out-of-bundle usage will be charged from the line’s prepaid account as the postpaid account will be responsible for the Hybrid bundle fee only and that is why the customer will receive a fixed postpaid bill.

  1. Will customers receive dunning SMSs to inform them about their lines’ status?

Yes, the authorized person will receive an SMS when the bill is generated and no payment was made. The authorized person will receive a reminder 14 days and 7 days before the line enters OG- Bar status, also they will receive an SMS before entering suspension status.

  1. If customers have free data in their bundle and they subscribed to Speedo, from where will the data be consumed?

At all cases, the bundle free unit has the highest priority over any other bundle, so the customer will first consume his bundle free units, then he can consume from the other bundles.

  1. In case a customer was suspended due to dunning, and then they made payment, what will happen to their monthly fees and free units?

The customer will have prorated monthly fees and free units from the date of reactivation until the 27th of that month.

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