The Toll-free number is an international standard 800 dialing prefix number where the caller will not be charged for the call, and instead the company will be charged for the incoming calls.

Asiacell’s 800- Toll Free Service lets an Iraqi-based firm receive toll-free calls from customers within Iraq. The call is reverse-charged to the Iraqi firm.
Customers are more likely to call a toll-free number for a product or service and a good sales team can turn that interest into increased sales. Toll-free numbers are also useful for handling customer support issues (customer care).

They are also a useful communications tool when planning a new marketing push or a product rollout

Ex. A company launching a new product or services, they include their Toll Free number in all their communications to encourage customers to call and inquire about the new product or services where a trained staff will answer the calls received on the toll free number.

Benefits to the customer:-

  1. Invites people to call
  2. Gives businesses a huge advantage over competitors that do not have Toll Free numbers
  3. Projects an image of a company that cares about its customers
  4. Creates an image of a large trustworthy organization, Toll free numbers create a larger more significant corporate image, even for the smallest home based business.
  5. Can be set up in a few days
  6. Have your toll-free calls ring on your mobile phone or any other number
  7. One Flat rate for incoming calls
  8. Scalability -Another benefit for smaller start up businesses is that you basically just pay for the usage or calls to your toll free number. This means that a new or small business with little usage will pay very little for their service and their bills will only increase as their usage and business increases.

Toll Free Offer:

  1. Onetime service activation charge: IQD 120,000
  2. Monthly service rental fee: IQD 60,000
  3. Deposited: IQD 180,000
  4. Service is offered on-net only
  5. Minimum subscription period is 6 months where customer has to pay the monthly fee for the remaining months if he decided to cancel the service before end of the first 6 months of service provisioning.

Toll free number can either be able to receive calls only or receive and make outgoing calls; this will be based on customer’s request.

Calling charges:-

  1. Outgoing calls if requested by customer: Normal postpaid outgoing calls applies
  2. Incoming calls charges: Similar to normal postpaid outgoing calls charges
  3. SMS if requested by customer: Normal SMS charges apply
  4. GPRS: No GPRS is allowed on the Toll free number
  5. Toll Free number should not be able to send or receive MMS

Customers calling the Toll Free number will not be charged for call “free”

The company will be charged for all incoming & outgoing calls to/from the Toll Free number

Terms and conditions apply


  • Q1. What is the type of Toll free number line?

    Postpaid line in the format of 800-XXXXX

  • Q2. How customers can apply for the service?

    Via Asiacell shops or by contacting Asiacell corporate sales.

  • Q3. How customers can choose their desired Toll Free number?

    If customers have apreferred number, they have to contact Asiacell corporate sales team to check the number availability within Asiacell network then they needs to fill the service activation form in order to implement that in Asiacell network after signing the contract.

  • Q4. What are the credit limits available for the Tol Free line?

    The Toll Free line is available with multiple types of monthly limits and deposit amounts of IQD (180,000 or 360,000 or 660,000).

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