With the new prepaid line you will enjoy the following features:

A unified, reduced tariff (2.4 Dinars/second) to all local networks, all day long, without subscription fees to stay in touch with family and loved ones. With 50 Dinars per SMS to all local networks.

** Extra Free credit with up to 15% upon each recharge by 10,000 IQD or more will be available starting from 17/04/2024. customer to enjoy, needs to subscribe for Free for the first time only by sending 1 to 3014, then to recharge to get the Free Credit directly to customer’s balance (This offer will be on recharge cards and electronic voucher cards) as shown in the below table:

Recharge Card

Free Credit

Free Credit Expiration

10,000 Dinars

1,000 Dinars

7 days

15,000 Dinars

2,250 Dinars

7 days

25,000 Dinars

3,750 Dinars

14 days

35,000 Dinars

5,250 Dinars

14 days

40,000 Dinars

6,000 Dinars

14 days

50,000 Dinars

7,500 Dinars

14 days

100,000 Dinars

15,000 Dinars

30 days

*The above Free Credit table will be applied in all over Iraq

**Note, all New activations on New Prepaid line, starting from 19/3/2024, subscriber will enjoy Free Credit up to 15% after recharge with IQD 10,000 or more following above table.

 Subscriber should subscribe by sending 1 to 3014 for the first time and then recharge the line.

Free credit can be used for calls and SMS within the network. You can find out the amount and expiry date of your free credit by dialing *133#

Balance transfer service details:

The balance transfer service is available for the “New Prepaid” line with the details below:

  • The Minimum allowed value per transaction is 1,000 IQD.
  • The maximum allowed value per transaction is 60,000 IQD.
  • The maximum allowed transfer per day is 300,000 IQD/ day.
  • The balance transfer service is available to new lines after making the first call and spending 5,000 IQD or more from the main balance (in case the subscriber uses less than 5,000 IQD, they will only receive the credit balance).

Our subscribers can also enjoy the features of Elna and Lil-Kul bundles, in addition to the many internet bundles available by dialing *299# and choosing their preferences.

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