What is Melody Service (Caller Ring Back Tone)?

Caller Ringback tone is ringing sound you hear when you call someone. Melody service allows mobile phone users to personalize their mobile phone service by selecting songs that callers hear when calling the user's phone.


All subscribers in all the regions can register, deregister, browse and download melodies via (IVR, WEB & SMS) as described below:


Dial 300 from Asiacell phone and listen to the IVR which will guide to select the favorite melody.


Monthly fee:1000 IQD

Song fee:500 IQD

IVR:30 IQD per minute

The Service subscription and renewal will be IQD50/day in case of lack of sufficient balance for the monthly subscription. This provision will apply when the customer’s balance ranges between IQD 290 to IQD 999.


To 300



To Subscribe

2 (free of charge)

To Unsubscribe

send only the melody code to 300 (downloading fee of melody is IQD 500)

To download melody and set it as a tone

send 33>space< melody code to 300 (fee of melody setting is free of charge)

To set a downloaded melody

send 44>space< number of month>Phone number (presenting the service is IQD 1000 per month)

** The loved one needs to press 6 to accept or press 7 to reject the service and send to 300

To offer the service with SMS Portal to a friend

send 4>space< melody code>Phone number (presenting a tone is IQD 500 for 120 days)

To offer a special tone with SMS Portal to a friend

3.Melody Website

All subscribers can access to (melody.asiacell.com) without entering www in front of the link, browse and download the preferred melody, the interface is available in English, Arabic & Kurdish languages. Subscriber can (listen, search and browse free of charge Downloading melody charges IQD 500

4.Pray RBT Service

Melody subscribers are now able to communicate their praying status to their callers. Pray Service will switch the Ringback tone automatically to the prayer tone and the callers will hear the prayer tone during each prayer time:

To Subscribe: Send 13 to 300

To un-subscribe: Send 14 to 300

Pray Service fee: 1,000 IQD/month

Duration of the call for prayer tone is 15 minutes after every Call for Prayer

5.My Status Service

Melody subscribers are now able to notify their callers with their status and updates by choosing different pre-recorded tones like; (busy, vacation, my birthday, in a meeting …etc.)


To 300

To subscribe


To unsubscribe


To assign Personal Status

Select status tone letter

Status tones letters: Meeting (M), Vacation (V), Busy (BS), At the gym (G), Birthday (D), At the university (U), Sleeping (O), Not in a good mood (A)

To remove the status and set back to normal melody


My Status service is 500 IQD per month, it provides the user to choose between 8 different personal tones and assigning them anytime they please for a full month.

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