Asiacell subscribers can send text messages (SMS) for the following tariffs:

  1. SMS to other Asiacell subscribers: IQD 50.
  2. SMS to other networks inside Iraq (local): IQD 60.
  3. SMS to international destinations: IQD 150.

Now, you can send emails* through SMS as follows:

Send an SMS to 3067 including: the email address then #the subject# then the text message.
Price: IQD75/SMS.
Note: Recipients cannot reply.
For more information call 111.

We would like to inform our customers that in our effort to provide them with high quality services, we have new SMS prices for on-net and off-net SMSs starting 20th April as follows:

  1. The new on-net SMS price will be 50 IQD for normal prepaid line, and for off-net SMS will be 60 IQD.
  2. The new on-net and off-net SMS price will be 50 IQD for New Prepaid line, Khalat line and ٍSulaimanya line.


MMS allows all Asiacell subscribers to exchange multimedia messages on their phones such as pictures, animations, audio, video clips and long text using compatible handsets.

To activate this service, subscribers with MMS enabled handsets can receive both activation information and settings automatically through the system or by calling the Customer Care Call Center on (111). To obtain MMS settings for your handset, please send number 1 via SMS to 3060

The tariff of sending on-net MMS is IQD 120 for 300 KB,
Customer allows sending big MMS size up to 1500 KB, each 300 KB considers as one MMS.

Device setting:

When you insert Asiacell SIM card to your device/handset or change your device/handset, the automatic setting for using MMS will be sent automatically to your device/handset. In case you need to request the setting again, you can call Asiacell Customer Care at 111 or send number 1 via SMS to 3060 suddenly you will receive configuration SMS you have to save it. In case your device/handset not able to accept automatic setting, please click here

How to set Internet & MMS APN manually?

Please select your device’s operating system:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Windows

Note: The above information and prices are subject to change without prior notice.


USSD Menu is a GSM service which allows high-speed interactive communication between subscribers and Asiacell services and applications.

The service is available for Prepaid, Postpaid, Youth Line, Hala Line, Almas Line and Corporate line subscribers in three languages (Arabic, Kurdish and English).

For the below menu, dial *350#.

  1. New From Asiacell
  2. My Services
  3. Entertainment
  4. News
  5. Language

Services under menu *350#

Additional services under menu *350# are available from other service providers (*360#, *241#, *218#, *215#, *217#, *265#, *226#, *362#)

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