VoLTE service
Activate the new VoLTE technology and enjoy the voice quality you deserve

Now with VoLTE service from Asiacell, enjoy the best and clear call quality with HD+ technology. Now make your calls on HD+ technology and enjoy 4G+ internet all the time, even during calls.

You can enable VoLTE technology from your mobile settings easily, such as:

For Samsung Galaxy devices, update the device version to the latest version 13. The service will be activated immediately.
For iPhone devices, please follow the steps below to activate the service:
Setting--> cellular--> cellular data option--> Voice & data--> enable VoLTE

Please make sure your phone is updated to the latest iOS version

For Xiaomi devices, please dial *#*#86583#*#*
How do I know if my SIM card and phone support VoLTE?

To find out whether or not your SIM card and device support VoLTE technology, dial *393# and follow the steps, or call the Customer Service Center on 111

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is making calls over 4G -LTE technology, VoLTE makes your voice calls clearer with HD+ quality.

What are the main benefits of VoLTE service?

Enjoy the highest quality of HD sound with more clarity without any interruption.
Reduce the time to get a call from 1 to 3 seconds only.
The network will remain on 4G+ even while making calls.
Helps maximize your phone's battery life as the network does not swap between 4G to 3G.
What are the requirements to activate the VoLTE service?

If your SIM does not support 4G-LTE, you must replace your SIM to get VoLT.
The used smartphone must support VoLTE technology and have the latest operating system version.
Enable the VoLTE service on your mobile phone.

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