Always Keep smiling & add fun to your life with "Moody" entertainment service from Asiacell! Now, share your personal MOOD with your family, friends and loved ones. You can set up a specific mood and emojis, then set it up for your family and friends when they call you. Let the callers see your MOOD during the call
Enjoy 3 days for FREE upon subscription, then after the 3 days the service will be renewed upon having sufficient balance.
What are the available packages?

Package type


Subscription method


How to set the Mood for All

Monthly Package


2 to 315

 30 days

Send your specific mood script/emoji, then send it to 315

Weekly Package 


1 to 315

7 days

Ex: Life is short. Enjoy it

What is Moody Personalized offer?
In addition to the general mood of everyone, users can also set a specific MOOD and direct it to a specific person in your life like (close friend, parents, siblings and loved ones.
How to set a specific MOOD for a specific person?
1-Subscribe to one of the MOODY service packages (Monthly or weekly)
2-Then the default mood will apply as (Hello)
3-To set a specific mood for a specific person, please insert a mobile number you want to direct the mood, then put space, then put your text or Emoji Mood.
For example:
0770XXXXXXX I love you Mom
0770XXXXXXX you owe me an invitation
Enjoy the first three days for FREE!

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