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With Asiacell Elite annual packages, get a Vanity number worth 1,000,000 IQD as a gift with up to 75,000 IQD free balance depending on the type of your chosen package, without any additional fees, where your line will be active for one year.

Package name

Yearly Elite 80

Yearly Elite100

Yearly Elite 120

Number of added lines

3 lines

4 lines

5 lines

Free Vanity


Platinum +


Price for 12 months




In addition to the benefits of Elite line per bundle:

  • The paid amount covers the monthly bill for 12 months, including the bundle price and VAT.
  • The paid amount is not refundable.
  • After 12 months of subscription, customer has to pay the monthly fee to ensure the service continuity.
  • The bundle cannot be changed for 12 months from the subscription date.

The easiest and best experience: users of the Asiacell Elite platform can control the features through the Asiacell app as follows:

  • Check the Asiacell Elite bundle units as well as the prepaid wallet balance
  • Check the special offers on Asiacell Elite
  • Send units (minutes, internet, SMS) to the secondary lines
  • Control the secondary lines "add and remove lines" and check the remaining units for each one
  • Pay the monthly bill for your line
  • Enjoy using the digital Eshret Omor Card through the Asiacell application
  • Many other features and entertainment programs that are constantly renewed

Eshret Omor Card: Asiacell Elite users will get the Eshret Omor digital card when activating their lines through the application and can enjoy the available discounts.

To get Asiacell Elite, please visit one of Asiacell main dealers and Asiacell shops across all Iraq to purchase a new line.

Main Line (Platform Owner): It is a postpaid line with a prepaid wallet that can be recharged with any type of recharge cards when the Elite package runs out.

Secondary Line: it is a prepaid line added under the main line to enjoy the benefits that can be shared. A secondary line can be added through the Asiacell application or by visiting one of Asiacell shops, and a message will be sent confirming the addition of the account under the main line account.

Prices and services are as follows:

Price (IQD)


2 IQD/seconds

All-Net calls


All-Net SMS

6 IQD/ 10 kilobytes

Internet price (payment according to usage)

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