Travel Abroad

With Asiacell’s Roaming service, you can travel anywhere and still stay in touch with your loved ones Asiacell covers more than 450 operators in 137 countries across 6 continents. 

Prepaid Roaming ServiceAsiacell prepaid subscribers can enjoy roaming services without need to make deposits or financial commitments. With the Prepaid Roaming service, subscribers can make and receive calls as well as send SMSs. This service is automatically activated.

Before Leaving Iraq

To prevent any potential problem, please ensure the following steps are taken before going on the trip:

  1. Make sure that Asiacell has concluded an international roaming agreement with the visited country;
  2.  Ensure that you have enough balance; take extra vouchers cards with you.

When you leave Iraq and enter the International Roaming Zone:
Your SIM will automatically switch to the roaming function.
In case your handset is not automatically switched to roaming function, switch off your handset and then switch it on. If it still couldn’t find network, then try with manual network search.

On Trip.

You Won’t Feel Alone!

With your Asiacell roaming SIM, you can always keep in touch with your family and relatives; you are only required to follow the instructions:

Making Calls:

  1. To call a number in the country in which you are roaming or a number outside of that country directly, dial :

Outgoing code (+) + country code + area code (drop 0) + telephone number + press [Dial/OK]
For example when you want to call 07701111111 in Iraq from outside Iraq would require you to key in: +964 770 1111111 [Dial/OK]

  1. In case direct calls were not affordable then dial:

*355* 0770XXXXXXX then # Dial/OK

You will wait a while then the number that you called seems to call you, don’t hesitate accept the call and you will hear ringing tone, then the call will initiate.

Receiving Calls:

Anyone in Iraq can reach you by simply dialing your mobile number when you are out of Iraq. You will be charged for this call with IQD1000 for roaming in the most of neighboring countries and he/she (the caller) will be charged as normal local call.

Sending SMS:

Enjoy sending lots of SMSs with a competitive price just follow the same steps as in Making calls.

Receiving SMS:

Tell your friends to send you SMS as many as they can as they are free of charge for you and they will be charged as local!

On trip and your balance ran out?!

No worries, take out your spare vouchers cards that you brought from home then follow the same steps that you are doing at home:

*133* or *233* voucher card hidden number # (Dial /OK).

Or you may ask someone in Iraq to send you balance the same as in local (home):

*123*XXXX IQD*the number that need balance # ((Dial /OK). Then follow the instructions.

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